March 25, 2011

Back from "Holi"day

My blog has been inactive for almost a fortnight and you might be wondering did I change back to my old name VeryVeryLazyGirl Again. :) Well almost.. I was on a holiday in Delhi for the festival of Holi  and when I came back to Mumbai a week back, there was so much office work, that forget blogging I hardly even checked my blog stats ;-)

Holi, the festival of colours is my favourite Indian festival since childhood. It brings out the dormant wild side of me.Though I am subdued now, but it is so much fun watching people drenched in colours, singing aloud the holi songs, playing dholaks,losing their senses to bhaang.

It is celebrated a bit differently in Bihar than Delhi and Mumbai. In Delhi/Mumbai, holi is played with both dry and wet colours during the day and there are no colours in the evening. In Bihar, we played with wet colours in the day and in the evening we used to dress up in new clothes and apply Abeer/Gulal [ Dry colour]  on the faces of youngsters/contemporaries  and on the feet of elders. There are so many sweet memories of those childhood days. Our nanaji would buy new clothes for us, most of times it would be of same thaan [same dress material] and we sisters would be dressed identically, and all the elders would give us 5-10 Rupees when we applied the gulal to their feet. Those were simple pleasures but are long lasting memories.
The day would be busy for women, cooking the set of delicacies Pua [Bihari way], Kachauris, Aloo- Kathal Sabji [Bihari way again!]  and Dahi Vadas ,which is made in every home in Bihar on the day of Holi.When the cooking was done, all the neighbourhood women would visit every home and pull out other women to play Holi. It is still the same. Me and my MIL were in kitchen for almost 6 hours.But then, it gives such a satisfaction to do it the traditional way :-)

I will be sharing some of  recipes here. I managed to take some photographs on that busy day for few dishes and for rest of them, I will have to cook them again soon :)

Disclaimer:The photographs have been downloaded from web. I am not taking any credit for it

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