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I am Sushmita , a recent entrant to the Blog World.For the past year I have taken to baking and would bake something once in few months and later post those photos on Facebook and satisfy myself with the compliments. It took a little push from friends to finally start blogging seriously.
When I first created this blog in 2008 it was called VeryVeryLazyGirl :D ,A very apt name as there was only one post from then to 2010 December.A huge improvement since the time I have started blogging on food.
I have got so addicted that all I think after my office hours is what should I cook next. My husband is an avid cook too. Will be featuring his recipes too here.

I am so happy to have started blogging because this has only increased my love for cooking even more. Since the time I have started blogging ,I have tried recipes which I wouldn't have ever tried or maybe have tried after a very long time. I must agree I have definitely improved by leaps.  There is a long way to go.

If you any questions or want to contact me, feel free to drop me a mail at  sinfoodie@gmail.com


Sarika said...

hey, very impressive blog, good to see some new recipes,wd try for sure, meet your sister, she mentioned about it, worth visiting your blog, keep posting and good luck

SinFoodie said...

Thanks Sarika :) It was nice to see your message here. Would love to know whenever you try something out :))

Christine knapkins_com said...

Sushmita, Your Truffles recipe has been selected by Knapkins to be featured in a Recipe Guessing Game. Please share the following link with your friends and fans. To play, go here: http://knapkins.com/guess_games/406?source=blog Congrats again!! :)"

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