February 15, 2011

Chicken Shawarma

On public demand here comes the first recipe from Animesh. Not that he hasn't cooked  all this while since the blog has started, but it is very difficult to coax him to  photograph and compile his recipes. Finally after lot of pestering he agreed. And just after the photo-shoot ended, the duration of which was only 5 minutes , both of us attacked the dish and within minutes we ate up all that was made and were still licking our fingers. For a long time we avoided the plain looking hummus available in the food-courts. But it took us one bite to become ardent fans. Since it is something that is made from ingredients very common in India, we had to make this and the results were great.All the flavors of the Shawarma were distinct and very close to the authentic Mideastern food that you get in restaurants here. This recipe is adapted from the here


      Before cooking this you need to plan ahead. Soak the chickpeas in advance ,marinate the chicken overnight[optional] and you can even make hummus one day before. 

                                                   Enjoy the recipe :)

 Chicken Shawarma Ingredients

  • 250gms boneless chicken cut into thin stripes
  • 3-4 TBSP plain curd/yogurt
  • 1/2 tsp vinegar
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 small cardamom pods
  • 1 lemon juice
  • 1 TBSP Olive Oil  
Hummus: See recipe Hummus and Tahini Sauce Recipe:

For Bread and Vegetables
  • 2 large Pita bread or flat homemade bread[ slighter thicker than rotis]
  • chopped/sliced capsicum
  • thinly sliced Onions
  • chopped/thinly sliced tomatoes
  • chopped  coriander leaves/parsley
  • salt as per taste


  1. Combine all ingredients under Chicken Stuffing and marinate for minimum an hour and maximum overnight.Cover and refrigerate for marination.
  2. In a pan, cook marinated chicken over medium heat for 45 minutes or until done.Add a tbsp of water if it is too dry whenever needed.
  3. Mix the capsicum,onions, tomatoes,coriander leaves/parsley  and salt and mix well.
Assembling the Shawarma
  1. Warm the bread.
  2. Place chicken on the bread.
  3. Add veggies and pour Hummus over it. 
  4. Roll and serve with a bowl of hummus.


briarrose said...

Oh this looks good. Beautiful flavor and color on the chicken. It would have been so tough to hold out on noshing long enough to take the pics. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, this wrap looks sooo good! I love the sound of the hummus too!

SinFoodie said...

Thank you Briarrose and Tammy. Glad that you liked it :)

Deeba PAB said...

This is something I'd love to make=YUM!!

SinFoodie said...

Thank you Deeba !! :)

Anonymous said...

This looks so good, that I am compelled to try it. I do make hummus at home and its a staple dip/spread in my home. I have tried the parsley version and it is fantastic, I must say.
Shawarma , I thought, would be a lot of work. From what you have posted here, it seems do-able.
Thanks for sharing.
Also, if there was a way to subscribe you via email, it would be wonderful.

SinFoodie said...

Thank you Sliceofmylyfe for your appreciation and also the suggestion. Have included the email subscription feature .
Still learning the blogging features :)

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